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Updated Schedule as of 9/15
OK, the latest schedule (as of 9/15) has been uploaded on the Ben Geren Website. Here is the info. Men's Division 3, Coed Division 1, and Coed Division 4 are good through the end of the season and not been changed. Coed Division 2 (there are changes with Boom Stick Mafia dropping out) has had their schedule changed and it is completed through the end of the season. Men's Division 1 and 2 (with Misfits and Rip City dropping out) have changed and are updated through October 2nd. Coed Division 3 (with Boom Stick Mafia joining in) has changed as well and is updated through September 28th. We will finish the schedule for Men's 1&2, and Coed 3 as soon as we can and expect that to be done next week at the latest.

2017 Fall Schedule is up

Written by: Brian Fields Website Administrator
Monday, September 4, 2017

The 2017 Fall Schedule is up and ready to be downloaded in the Available for Download Section. Men's Games are on Monday nights starting September 11th. Coed Divisions 2 and 4 are on Tuesday nights starting on September 5th. Coed Divisions 1 and 3 are on Thursday nights and start September 7th. Also on the Ben Geren website, if you click on your teams page on the drop down, you can see your schedule as well.

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General Meeting

Written by: Chilla Thompson
Monday, August 14, 2017

There will be a general meeting open to all teams in good standing with the Ben Geren Softball Association on September 10 at 2pm in the BGSA office. The purpose of this meeting is to nominate candidates for the following positions on our board:

Vice President, Secretary, Men's Commissioner #2, Women's Commissioner #2, Coed Commissioner #2 and Youth Commissioner #2. These offices are for a 2 year term endin

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